Your website is the front to the world and needs to be pleasing to the eye. Designing and creating a website to meet your needs is something we have done for many clients.
Social Media
Got social media sites, we can link your website to point customers to your social media sites.
Web Development
We will deal with all the creating & building of the site, with a little help from you we will be able to create something you and your customers will love.
Hosting is a PC in the internet world, it has your website loaded and runs 24/7. BSTC will set this all up so you can continue with your business related tasks without lifting a finger.
Customer Relations
Building a relationship with your customer can help generate work for your company.
Content Rich
We will ask you for content for the website, the more you give us the better we can increase the information customers can view.
Business 24/7
The world runs 24/7 so why shouldn't your website, we keep an eye on the website to make sure it's up and running so you can rest assured while you sleep the website won't.
Purchase Later
We thought long and hard about this package. Starting a company and staying in budget is hard so we created this package so we can build you a website and host it (your monthly payment covers the hosting and rental of the website created). This allows you to apply your money to other areas of your venture. You can purchase the website we created for you later when you have the available capital.
Monthly not yearly contract
Rolling monthly contract means you're not tied to yearly commitments, allowing you to try different ideas.
Expand as demand does
You start with 2GB website space but as the company grows so can the space you need (additional charge will apply).